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Frequently Asked Questions
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IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. An IPO is the traditional process by which a company raises capital through the offering of shares to the public (institutional and retail), usually accompanied by a listing of the company's shares on a recognised stock exchange.
This is an offer by a company to sell newly issued shares to investors, both institutional and retail. The company will generally be listing on a stock exchange with the need to raise capital.
A placing, as opposed to a retail offer, is the method by which a company lists its shares on a stock exchange and raises capital by selling shares to institutional investors. These shares are not generally marketed to retail investors at the time of the issue unless the correct approvals are included in the offer documentation.
ALL IPO plc is Europe's leading on-line distribution platform for public equity offerings. The company works in partnership with investment banks and venture capital firms to distribute equity products to retail investors.

ALL IPO is not a secondary market broker but a brand-new Internet-based approach to help companies place share offerings among this new class of on-line retail investor. In this way, we provide start-up companies with a powerful new channel to distribute shares and thereby raise funds.
We are the first European specialist online company to focus on delivering IPOs to the new class of online retail investor. Until now, share offerings to retail investors have involved time-consuming and cumbersome processes, e.g. paper forms for each subscription, prepayment by cheque etc. Therefore, ALL IPO makes this process easier for the investor, as well as faster, more efficient, and often cheaper than traditional methods.
If you wish to subscribe to the offers we currently list on our web site you will need to sign up for a free execution-only account. To register, you should be advised to have the following information available for the online registration process.

We will require
  • Some basic personal details (your home address, date of birth etc.)
  • An email address where we can contact you
By law we are required to verify identity and UK residency before allowing you to access offer documents and make investments through the ALL IPO website. We perform this check online using an online identity checking service that will check your full name, date of birth and UK address against a number of established databases such as the electoral roll. This is purely an anti-money laundering (AML), identity and residency check, not a credit check, and should only take a few seconds to perform.
Customers can fail the online check for various reasons such as having recently changed address, or by registering with ALL IPO under an alias or shortened version or their full name. If you find that the online check cannot match your details you can still register with ALL IPO by sending in the following documents;
  1. One original or certified copy of a recent utility bill such as Gas, Water, or Electricity bill to verify you at your residential address (this must be no more than 3 months old)
  2. A clear copy of your passport or UK driving licence certified as a true likeness by a solicitor, accountant or bank manager.
Membership of the ALL IPO's execution-only service is free. There is no charge for remaining a member of the service and receiving IPO news, information, or announcements by email. ALL IPO may receive remuneration from the companies or their agents for whom ALL IPO arranges investments. The amount of such remuneration is available on request. ALL IPO may levy an administration charge per application for investment to cover our costs in processing your application. Any such charges will be highlighted during the online application process.
Payment must be made using a debit card (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) linked to a UK bank account. We also accept bank transfers or CHAPS payment system. Please note that some bank transfers can take three business days to clear, therefore when an offer is due to close we may only accept CHAPS or debit card payments which can clear on the same business day. For anti-money-laundering purposes the registered address of the debit card/bank account must match the registered address of your ALL IPO account. You cannot pay for shares using a credit card.
There is no way of predicting the subscription level of an offer, thus, there is no guarantee that when subscribing for an offer you will be allocated the number of shares applied for. The allocation strategy is set by the issuing company. ALL IPO will endeavor to supply as many applicants as possible with the requested number of shares. Customers are all treated on an equal basis.
For technical support please contact our Customer Care department

Email: [email protected]
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